With the unprecedented advances in modern technology, people have dramatically changed the way they watch their favorite programs, steadily migrating from scheduled TV viewing, to on demand streaming video. They’ve also become more demanding and selective when choosing a service that can efficiently fulfill their many expectations.

Low quality video and slow buffering times is simply not acceptable anymore; especially during a live event, where each and every second of footage counts. After repeatedly missing the best moments due to choppy stream, a user will most likely switch to a better service.

That’s where Playmaker Media comes in. Our platform provides high-quality, turn-key, end-to-end video streaming solutions for businesses that want to offer their customers the best experience in live video and on-demand content across all platforms.

The cutting edge technology we use supports a wide variety of business models, including over the top subscription products, and ad-supported TV everywhere, across multi-languages.

Over the past 5 years, we have powered some of most renowned sporting events in the world, including Super Bowl XLIX (2015 Patriots – Seahawks), Super Bowl XLVI (2012 Giants – Patriots), the London, Sochi and Rio Olympic Games. We also had the privilege of developing NBC’s Tour de France premium OTT product, which was hailed as “the future of TV”, and that’s precisely where our mind is set.

Stay ahead of the game with Playmaker Media.

Playmaker Media powers the content streamed live and on-demand in whole or in part for the partners listed below.